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that money. ron paul sorts it tonight on fbn and only fbn. ♪ ♪ >> dana: this is a fox news alert. the u.s. just evacuated all personnel from benghazi to tripoli as they remember yesterday. anniversary of 9/11. four americans were killed in libya including ambassador chris siebs and sean smith. foreign service information management officer. the names of the two others have not been r same time, egypt, angry mob stormed the u.s. embassy, tore down our flag and tried to replace it with a black flag with the words, "there is no god but god in muhammad is his messenger." greg palkot joins us now from london. explain to us, is there an al-qaeda link here? >> there could be al-qaeda link. experts are look at the possibility that this could have been attack by those in alliance with terror groups. as you noted, well regarded ambassador to libya for the united states chris stevens and three other american officials overnight in benghazi. rocket-propelled grenade, machine gun, setting the place on fire. the latest report say that the u.s. security officials struggled very hard to save the official
of the operation and video were used as an excuse by extremists to see if they could harm u.s. interest. >> what happened in benghazi is a terrorist attack. we will not rest until we have tracked down and brought to justice the terrorists who murdered four americans. >> all right. there are many unanswered questions and troubling ones for the white house. what took them so long to get to this position and what should president obama do about it now? before we get started, i do want them before we started here, herron of fox news who has broken a lot of news. you can see it coming up after this on "special report" intel sources are now saying, kimberly, that 100 men took part in the coordinated assault on the ground. i came in two ways. not only rpgs but direct and indirect fire and mortar. how do you lose track of 100 men? >> kimberly: you don't. they lose track of what they're saying. what do you mean? i didn't say that. if it's on tape they don't care because the main stream media won't call them out on it. fox news has been right from the beginning because that's the initial report that herro
the u.s. consulate in benghazi. and then the attack began. and because of the precision of attack, the direct fire, the indirect fire in the preplanning that could have taken place for that, it's very possible that there was some either inside help, or some type of surveillance that had gone on at the compound. in fact, the libyan president over the weekend said he felt there was preplanning. and premeditation in to this, especially considering not only did these militants attack the compound, they also then attacked a safe house nearby. that the u.s. consulate officials could have gone to for help. the protests around the middle east continue. in pakistan, we saw violence today. in fact, the embassy in islamabad tetch rarely suspended the operation ahead of the protest because they knew it would become violent. tear gas flying. pakistani police brought out the big water cannons to push protesters back from climbing in to the u.s. embassy compound. in lebanon, the leader of the hezbollah militant group took to the streets in a rare public appearance to call for continueed protest.
of duty and how many people u.s. aid, the organization under the state department. there are hundreds and hundreds that die. they don't get the attention that others would get. but they do, they go to remarkably distant and dangerous places. and you have to serve, give them the respect and honor of anyone wearing a uniform because they put themselveses in harm's way. sad and despicable act where a bunch of terrorists are going to go in and against harmless people; particularly, the man who helped bring down gaddafi. you would think mr. there would be people who would be applauding, not shooting guns. >> kimberly: you're absolutely right. this is someone who was benevolent and beloved by the people because he helped them. he did his best to bring two sides together to heal the factions developing. >> greg: i don't think that was rel vent to people who killed him -- relevant to people who killed him. bottom line, the ceremony is very touching, but we owe them justice. there was a lapse somewhere. it only takes one lapse for something to happen. misunderstanding of evil in the world. the
are realizing this. that the i.r.s. is the group that is going to be responsible for monitoring who is on health insurance and who is not. but they don't have the power to garnish wages or freeze assets so they are only going to do this, assess you an amount you owe. they can't make you pay it. they can't put you in prison for not paying it. underpay taxes and owe the i.r.s. every year and get around it. >> bob: look at the tape. he said your income taxes are not going to go up. run the tape. >> dana: that is not how they billed it. >> bob: i'm saying that is what we said in the tape. rerun the tape and look at what obama said. income taxes. but even so, the people ought to pay that. they call it a tax. if they are not willing to pay for insurance i'm not willing to take them either. don't take them in emergency rooms. let them be in the street. >> andrea: wow. >> what a compassionate liberal that is. >> bob: you say someone is not paying $700 to leave themselves up for to us pay for it if for the rest of their life? >> andrea: pretend you're the person you don't care about. >> bob: i didn't say
has confirmed within 24 hours of the assault in benghazi, u.s. intelligence knew it was preplanned and ladies and gentlemened it a terrorist attack, an al-qaeda terrorist attack. we have been saying this all along on "the five." thereon the obama administration trying -- listen to the obama administration thighing to spin the story -- trying to spin the story. they were aware of this by september 12. pay careful attention the dates. >> there is no justification, none at all for responding to this video with violence. >> we have no information to suggest that it was a pre pre-planned attack. it's not a reaction to the 9/11 anniversary that we know of. >> this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack. >> eric: all right. here is president obama tuesday. >> there are no words to excuse the killing of innocence. there is no video this justifies an attack on an embassy. >> eric: kimberly, now we know that the obama administration labeled at it terrorist attack, so they could release intelligence in the area. but for better part of two weeks they have been denying it was terrorism and b
. you can't spell the white house without o-w-s. >> kimberly: welcome back to the program. >> greg: why did they endorse the sentiment of occupy wall street? >> eric: this is what you do and what the media is doing. the alpha financial resources thing, jump in here. it's important. wi are losing jobs in coal industry like crazy. the plan move from coal to solar power. >> bob: let dana have a say in here. >> kimberly: i want to ask dana how do you think obama should have handled this with the statement, video of romne romney. >> dana: if i were obama i would have jumped on it, too. they got the redistributor in chief. eric points out the 1200 jobs in the coal industry there is a trickle down effect. this is why obama is not doing as well in battleground states in the national polls because if you are a mom and you got up early to take your kid to school. fill up with gas and it's $100. it is. around the water cooler you find out that the corporation profits are slashed and there are rumors there will be layoffs like yesterday at american airlines. 4400 jobs. that is the anxiety that peop
ridiculous concept i've heard. >> eric: so according to our reporter, u.s. officials confirm they had several intelligence assets on the ground, c.i.a. on the ground, sealing to protect assets. understand this. ambassador stevens was killed with another seal. four hours later, two more -- four hours later, two more seals were killed in the annex. in the time between the two, somebody had to know they were being attacked. >> bob: it's not a question they knew they were attacked but to confirm the intelligence agency, that the finding this is a terror cyst attack it's not possible. >> kimberly: it is possible. they had intelligence and reports prior to the ince tent that there was unrest and problems in the area. they knew that. they saw what happened. in 24 hours they labeled this a terrorist attack. let me finish, please. in order to release assets. special forces, seals, intelligence officers. to respond to the scene to be able to find out exactly what happened. in order to do that and send the force, you to do that. they went on the sunday shows and five different times said that in fact th
of egyptian demonstrators tore down the stars and stripes at a u.s. embassy in cairo today. on september 11. and replaced it with an islamic flag. this happened now. that's not the outrage. the real outrage is the embassy's response. the embassy's response to what happened just there was the embassy of the united states and cairo condemned the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of muslims as we continue efforts to offend believers of all religion. what a bunch of chuckleheads. that's the embassy's response to what happened there. that is disgusting. that's why commemorate. we have to remind people there is evil out there. not b.j. teacher lounge crap like that. sorry. >> eric: where were you? >> dana: my life changed dramatically. after 9/11 is when i came back to washington, d.c. from san diego. and i worked at the justice department. and if you think about at the time, way back then there was no homeland security department. everything was held to justice. immigration, everything. all eyes were on there. i went back to join a friend of mine named tu
household values. loss of prestige and credibility and influence of the u.s. overseas and in this country. they have 41 more days. >> bob: the idea that the pew institute is trying to change the election, i don't buy it. there are good pollsters in there. >> eric: take the one everyone talking about today, cbs/"new york times" poll. they went to the swing state, battleground state. in your, plus four republican. 2008, plus three democrat. they want to us believe it's plus nine democrat in ohio state. when the last poll was plus four, 2005. pennsylvania, plus nine democratic. as long as it's broken down correctly, male/female, race, et cetera, you're all right with it. how about the sampling? >> bob: they always oversampled democrats but there are more democrats in this country than republicans. >> dana: not in those states. >> bob: pennsylvania is hugely more democratic. but not florida. the other thing to take in account, 2004 to 2008, there are millions of people voting process. we're not taking that in to account. one of hardest things for pollsters to figure out who are the new voters
is how it goes. the timeline. september 11 the attacks happened. september 12 our own u.s. officials know it's terror. they label it terror to release assets to combat terror. on september 13, sorry, on the 12th also, secretary of state hillary clinton comes out and calls it the movie. blame the movie. 13, jay carney did. 14, susan rice does, blames the movie. september 25, barack obama at the podium blames the movie. september 27 our fox reports they knew two weeks ago. what happens today, 28th dn saying well information is evolving and the democrats are you no saying well, i guess we didn't know what the truth was now. we are getting it. here comes the spin. >> kimberly: investigate it after the election. november 7, sounds good. >> andrea: are you going to speak out with the democrats to demand answers or sit here and give us excuses? >> bob: i'm not giving excuses. >> greg: president obama should assume it's not evil that causes eel, but silly tape. >> bob: okay. sorry i raised this again but i want to say this, intelligence sources the office of the director of national intelligence
, here is what ambassador susan rice said on september 16. remember, u.s. intelligence officials have told fox news they knew on september 12 it was a terror attack. >> this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack. what happened initially was it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo. as a consequence of the video. >> andrea: why would the administration try to sell us that story? >> so why did they deceive in it's obvious. the attack took place five days after the democrats spent a week in charlotte, out thing, spiking the football on bin laden. >> the reason we call it benghazi-gate it contains the grim prospect that the administration knew or should have known. this is the one cancer on the presidency. dare i say that. >> we have been lied to. we flat out have been lied to. everybody with two eyes and i.q. above plant life understands that what happened in egypt and what happened in libya was not some spontaneous reak to a stupid 13-minute video on youtube. richard nixon was forced out of office because he lied. because he covered some stuff up. i will be
between the egyptian police and riots in egypt as they try to storm the u.s. embassy, the egyptian police now 48 hours after the rioters got inside the compound are able to push these people back using a combination of tear gas, and rubber bullets that is now continuing well in the night here. 11:00 p.m. in cairo. it's still going strong. ricochets of the rubber bullets is piercing the air here in cairo. the difference, though, the equipages police defending the embassy compound and keeping the rioters out. they're a combination of heavily anti-american and angry over the anti-prophet muhammad movie. a number of them chanting "with our blood, our soul we defend you, o, prophet." injuries in the hundreds. one thing egyptian police are not doing is arresting a lot of people. going forward this is only going to get worse. you can see the anger and the level of intensity of the protesters walking in to a wall of tear gas to make their voices heard. there is a million man march here in cairo scheduled for tomorrow. we heard american embassies around the middle east get ready for protest from q
on the mideast and europe. a lot of other things around the world. keep it off of the u.s. u.s. economy. why does he call it terrorism is the million dollar question. the saudis or egyptians got to him. they decide they don't want to use that word. >> dana: comforting. >> because we talk about it and we'll blame him. he said terrorism september 19 and backed off of it. they're rabbit. send the rabbit out. chase the rabbit. meanwhile we are talking about whether it's terrorism. romney is biting on it. it's irrelevant. four ambassadors are dead. planned. we know it. move on. >> greg: it's clearly not terrorism. self-esteem implosion. mandate disaster. the speech today, it was a foreign policy version of that warning that comes on a mattress label. you know, it's like we don't stand for this. but i'll tear it off anyway. first he says it's not about the video. then he says it's not about the video. you get a straighter response from silly straw. he did strike a careful balance between appeasement and apiecement. >> bob: eric's point is well taken. why does romney continue to bite -- >> dana: the adm
is complete b.s. there was important news that came out today. the dnc decided to move the venue that president obama will speak at thursday night from the outdoor, 80,000 plus. not 60,000 like they are trying to tell us. 80,000 seat stadium. 75,000 plus more on the floor to a 20,000 seat stadium. a couple reasons that could be happening. number one, i was going to say as joke maybe because they took out and worried about -- not that. 60,000 people. they have to fill 60,000 seats. maybe they weren't able to do that. or bank of america stadium, $45 billion taxpayer dollars went in to bank of america and they laid out 30,000 people in may. they're outsourcing those jobs to philippines. do you think they want the president underneath the bank of the america sign? >> bob: more than latter than the former. >> dana: or it could be it was forecast for lightning. lightning rarely strikes twice. lightning struck in 2008. unlikely to strike at the dnc convention again. can i go back to the question you asked, eric, that he ignored? >> eric: yes. >> dana: the government doesn't make us grea
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-- stainle in the '90s. check -- a staple in the '90s. check it out. >> i'm the church lady. this is church chat. please welcome shirley maclaine. >> i believe that jesus and buddha and muhammad for all great spiritual leaders. >> so you give muhammad and bud da equal billing with jesus. well, who helped you with your little ideas, shirley? who could it be? oh, i don't know. satan? >> dana: one of the classics. andrea, what is so funny about religion to us? what gives us the confidence to laugh about it? and then you see the alternate view in the muslim world. >> we know if we laugh about it we probably won't be stopped to death or murdered or killed. we have free speech. but the bible teaches to turn the other cheek when you are offended. radical islamic jihaddist interpret the quran to say something much, much different. they believe, again, if you read bernard lewis, the prophet muhammad argued day and night of fighting is better than fasting or prayer. this is what they take to heart. our country is different than other countries. i really would hope, dan ab, if bill maher and others ar
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 70 (some duplicates have been removed)